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Application Development

Yesdee Global Corporation is the product of highly experienced professionals from different domains of IT field. Our consultants work on both turnkey projects (which usually have a clearly defined goal and established beginning and ending dates) and on a Time & Materials basis, (which usually encompass a variety of objectives and are conducted on an ongoing basis.) These services are usually provided on-site at the client's facilities, Offsite and/or Offshore. We understand your need to explore new and cost effective business models that would allow us to capitalize on strategic opportunities in your industry

Our rich experience in onsite, offsite and offshore software consulting and projects services enables us to deliver 24x7 IT solutions. Our unique value proposition of faster, and less expensive development and management is compelling to our many clients in the US and Europe, most of whom regard us as a partner helping them to achieve their business objectives.

Yesdee Global Corporation is known for our team-oriented approach to solving today's most complex IT related business challenges. Our Business Development Managers, Technical Resources Managers, Technical Recruiters and Consultants work hand-in-hand with clients to improve business performance, provide an edge to any business, and create a competitive advantage for our clients in the ever changing marketplace.


We help our clients pioneer new territories with market-defining solutions


We know that the quality of our solutions and services is directly determined by the quality of our people. MORE

Our People

We have diverse ideas and people throughout our organization, yet we are one company, one team - with one culture. Our people are the company's heart and soul. Hungry to succeed and passionate to achieve, we embrace the unknown. MORE